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What's the point?

Bleu Hart​​

Don't we all wonder, what's the point?  Why do some people seem to have it all while others suffer?  Why do some people have common sense when sense is not so common?  Why do some believe in a higher power while others don't believe in anything?  To be selfish or live for others?  Get a job for money or get one you are passionate about?

I could attempt to answer these questions but that would state that I knew the answers.  I would be another person with something profound to say or a self-proclaimed know it all.  I may say things that amaze even myself but I really just want to write.  I want to write stories.  They are based on true experiences, names changed to protect the not so innocent, including myself.  

I live an interesting life.  It may be worth reading but who knows?  You can be the judge and the jury.  I will continue to live, laugh, and have my adventures and write about them in the process.