Bleu Hart​​

The Cop (1/14/09)

I was driving too fast down a two lane road.  I always had a tendency to drive too fast, especially now that I had my new black convertible.  Convertibles seem to scream speed and sex.  I was listening to some music and decided to speed up.  It was late and dark out.  There was no one on the road.  I sped up and moved my ass in my leather seat.  Speed makes me hot and wet.  I slid my hand up my black skirt and cupped my bare pussy.  I could feel the heat coming off of her.

I see headlights in my rear view mirror coming up behind me fast.  Right when the car gets close to me, the blue lights start flashing.  Shit, I don't need this right now.  I take my hand away from my pussy and put it back on the wheel.  I slow down and pull over on to the grass.  The car slows down and pulls up behind me.  I see a figure step out of the car.  It’s hard to see with those blue lights flashing in my mirror but the build looks like a guy.  He gets up to my car.

Business (12/4/10)

He was sitting in his office on a conference call.  He was bored out of his mind.  He wanted to be on a beach drinking a beer with some hot blond who was willing to shut up, take his dick when he wanted to fuck, and not be so damn high maintenance like most of the women he dated.  Maybe he just needed a vacation.  He felt agitated and it had been a few weeks since his last fuck because he was so focused on work.  There was another reason why he and his high maintenance girlfriends did not work out, he worked all the time and they got frustrated with him and left.

His business partner sat across from him looking hot.  He always thought she was sexy but it was strictly business with her.  She was smart as hell and he did not want to fuck up their business relationship just because he would not mind bending her over.  She looked really hot today though.  She was wearing a black business suit with a skirt that showed off her long tan legs, her tits hidden by the jacket.  She had long, blond hair with these suck me lips that he seemed to be staring at.  He knew she had some killer curves under that suit and an ass he wanted to take a bite out of.  Fuck, he needed a vacation and he needed a good lay.

Different (10/7/12)

I walked in the door from a day full of shopping.  I had bought quite a few new dresses, costumes, and toys that I was eager to try out.  I set my purchases next to the door and walked into the living room.  My boyfriend was sitting on the couch with his back to me.  He was watching a football game.  I put his dinner next to him and kissed his cheek.  “Hey baby, I got you something to eat.”  He did not look at me as he mumbled something that sounded like, “Thanks.  Awwww, come on you stupid fucking ref.”  I looked at the television and saw the instant replay.  I had to agree.  He picked up the bag and pulled out his food.

I went back to my purchases and picked them up to carry them into our bedroom.  We decided to move in together about a year ago after being together for about four years.  We were both very independent so we kept to ourselves when necessary.  We never had any idea about getting married or kids so we were happy with the simplicity of everything.  We were also very selfish and admittedly so.  We tended to not like relationships so it was pretty amazing we lasted this long.

 I started to hang the costumes up in the back of the closet.  I did not want him to find them too quickly.  I always liked to surprise him.  I hung up my new dresses.  I scrubbed the toys clean and put them in our drawer full of toys.  We may need another drawer.  There were quite a few toys in there by this point.  We were both very sexually adventurous.  This is why we fit together very well.  

History (9/20/12)

I opened the door and there he was.  I had butterflies in my stomach due to my nerves.  I couldn’t believe I was standing in this hotel room, in a city I have never been, looking at him.  This guy I met more than ten years ago at a bar in Atlanta. 

That night at the bar, we exchanged some casual banter and amazingly he gave me his number on a whim.  He said he “had a feeling about me” because I did not seem like your typical girl.  I, of course, flirted with him but I never give my number out.  I learned my lesson on that one.  He surprised me by acting like I was not flirting.  I later found out that was just his personality.  He did not pay attention to these kinds of things.  This made me wonder if he was even attracted to me.  I was not used to that.  This is not to say that I am conceited but I do get hit on a lot and it threw me when I actually did the pursuing and it was not reciprocated.  I was not usually the one in pursuit.

Surprise (1/6/13)

“Come home.” “What’s wrong baby?” “Just come home.” “Be there in a few.” I hang up the phone. I pull my purple boy shorts up my legs and snap my matching bra into place. I slide my thigh highs up my legs and slip my stilettos on my feet. I grab his dress shirt, put it on, and button it up. I grab my hair clip and put my hair up, leaving a few strands down. I sit down on the couch, cross my legs, and wait.

We Will See (1/6/13)

“You are a bitch.”  I could not help but laugh at that.  I knew it was wrong and it seemed to make him angrier but I said, “You knew that from day one.  I don’t know why you’re surprised.”  I grabbed the rest of my stuff from his apartment.  I did not really want a scene but he was making one anyway.  I thought about leaving my stuff, it was not that much anyway.  It’s not like I lived here.  All I knew is that I was over this situation with him.  I was bored.  He was definitely boring.  I grabbed the last of my stuff and shoved it in my bag and headed for the door.  He moved to block it.  I raised my eyebrows at him and said, “You might want to move.”  “Not until you tell me why?”  I sighed.  We had already gone over this but I said, “Because I am moving on.  I told you on that first day that you should not catch feelings for me.  I don’t like relationships.  Now let me go.”  He grabbed my arm and said, “I won’t let you leave.”  I remained calm.  I wanted to punch him in the nose at this point but I just said, “Let me go.”  I was starting to question my judgment on why I even hooked up with him in the first place.  Yes, he was cute, had a nice body, funny sometimes, but this was ridiculous. 

Vacation (1/27/13)

I was really looking forward to this vacation.  I needed to get away from work and what could be better than white, sandy beaches away from everyone.  I did not even want any of my friends to come along but of course, my best friend insisted.  My friend, Jason, kept saying it was going to be epic and that we were going to meet so many women.  I honestly just wanted to relax and get the hell away from life.  My job was really driving me crazy.  I just broke up with my girlfriend.  To top it all off, my asshole roommate just moved out leaving me stuck with bills that I could not afford because of my crappy paying job.  The only bright side I could find was this vacation, that and the fact that I just finished my Master’s degree.  This vacation was a treat and everything was already paid for. 

We got to our rooms.  The good news was we had separate rooms and the rooms were not right next to each other.  I really wanted to do my own thing on this vacation but I did not want to make Jason feel like shit.  We had been friends since we were kids but I was just in a funk.  I decided to unpack and went out to the balcony.  It was overlooking the pool and then the ocean was past that.  I stood there and looked down to the pool.  I noticed a woman in a bright blue bikini.  She was just getting out of the pool.  Her hair was blond and she was curvy.  From what I could see, she had a nice ass and a small waist.  Her hair hung down to the middle of her back.  She got to the lounge and turned as she toweled off.  I could see that she was gorgeous.  She had long legs, flat stomach, and nice tits.  I started fantasizing about stripping her and fucking her over this balcony.  

First (3/4/13)

He was my first love.  If I was honest with myself, he was and is, my only love.  It is difficult to shake him from my system even after all these years.  He is always drawing me back in.  We claim we are only going to be friends.  When we are dating someone else, we even pull it off, sometimes.  But there is always that appeal where I can’t seem to stay away.

We have known each other forever.  He moved in next door when we were both five.  We met when my brother and I were outside playing a game and his brother came up and starting hanging out with us.  The next thing I knew, he was out there with us.  I disliked him immediately.  He was always picking on me.  He would pinch me and push me.  He put gum in my hair when we were nine.  I had to get my hair cut to get it out.  Then one day, we were friends.  We hung out a lot with another friend of ours and that friend made us closer.

Art (9/14/13)

She never really understood the appeal.  Sex just seemed like something to pass the time and she really could not understand why so many people raved about it.  She had her first bumbling experience in her junior year of high school.  The guy barely got inside her with a condom on before he was shooting.  They even bumped noses when they first kissed.  She should have known then but she wanted to give it another try since she always heard the first time is usually bad especially for women.  Then she had another somewhat passable experience in college but it was not anything to make her think it was an experience she wanted to keep having.  She tried again a few more times and each time, it just seemed like it was not worth it.  Maybe she was not a sexual person or maybe she had not found the right partner.  She did not know and she did not dwell on it much.  Every once in a while, the thought would come up that maybe she should go pick a stranger up in a bar and try again.  Then she would think, what’s the point?  She could do the job just as well as anyone else and from her experience, her doing it was entirely better than anyone else.

Old Friends (12/24/13)

She could not believe she was going to live in her parent’s house.  The house she grew up in and had not lived in since she was 18.  She was now 30 so twelve years had gone by and she was finally back here in this neighborhood.  She told her parents that she would move in now that they decided to move to Florida.  They wanted to enjoy life in their retirement and she could have the house.  She guessed that making the house more hers was the best idea.  She did not have a job at the moment since she had moved back home after living in California since graduating college.  She had even avoided coming home to visit during the holidays.  She had only been back a handful of times.  She could fix the house up while she looked for a job.

She walked through the rooms, making notes on what she would need for each of them.  She wanted to paint the walls and make them more vibrant.  She definitely wanted to refurnish a few of the rooms and get new appliances for the kitchen.  The work would feel good since it would take her mind off the memories of her crazy life.  She changed into a pair of shorts and a tank and started scrubbing the place from top to bottom. 

She finally finished and stood back to look at her handy work.  It felt really good to scrub and lose her thoughts in the work.  She grabbed a lot of the trash and went outside to toss it in the trash can and that is when she saw him.  It was her ex-boyfriend, Smith.  She had not heard from him in years.  They had grown up together since they were five.  They dated when they were teenagers through some of their college years.  The relationship had ended when they realized long distance was not working and that both of them needed to explore life outside of their relationship.  They had barely spoken since then and none at all since she moved to California.  

Dream (4/6/14)

She was so tired.  She just wanted to go and lay down.  She had a terrible day at work and she felt a headache coming on.  Hopefully the aspirin she just took would stop it before it became a full blown one.  She walked into the front door of the house she shared with her boyfriend.  He was leaning against the kitchen counter when she saw him.  He looked up from the paper he was reading and did not say anything.  She frowned but said, “Hey.  I had the worst…”  “Nikki, we need to talk.”  She stopped at his tone.  “What do we need to talk about?”  “Us, this, it’s not working anymore.” 

She felt shocked at his words but at the same time, she felt numb to them too.  She was not sure what that meant.  She just felt like she should be fighting so she said, “What do you mean?”  “I don’t want to be with you anymore.”  She stepped back and just turned around.  She walked into the bedroom and just started packing a few bags.  She could come back for the rest of her stuff later.  She just knew she needed to get out of that house as soon as she could.  She rolled her suitcase out and grabbed her other bag and slung it over her shoulder.  She went back to the kitchen to grab her purse and keys.  “Nikki, where are you going?”  “I’m going to stay somewhere else.  This is your house.  I’ll come back for the rest of my stuff.”  “You could stay in the guest room tonight.  It’s getting late.”  She shook her head and walked out of the house.

Roommates (6/21/14)

It started out innocent enough.  He needed a place to stay and I had an empty room.  We were fairly good friends prior to him moving in.  The first time I met him, we were at a bar.  We were both with a group of friends and he ended up dating one of my friends.  He is 6’2 with a shaved head and green eyes.  He has a good body, nice tan.  I never thought he would end up moving in with me though.

Co-Workers (10/4/14)

She was excited.  She was heading down to a city she had never been to for work.  It was her big break and she knew it.  She had been trying to climb the corporate ladder for a few years now and she just knew this trip was about to change things for her.  Granted, she was chosen last minute because the woman who was initially selected had a sick kid but she finally got picked and that was all that mattered.  She was going to show them what she was made of and prove herself.  She knew this was her chance, she felt it.

Finally (4/13/15)

She was hanging out at JP’s again.  She loved this little bar in Atlanta.  She had been going here for years and she even knew the owners.  She was meeting some friends of hers for some drinks and to dance.  She had jeans and a Mets jersey on.  She liked her baseball and she always was more tomboyish.  She had long blond hair, blue eyes, full lips, and curves.  She had one tattoo around her wrist and she had her tongue pierced.  She got the piercing at 18 and the tattoo at 19.  She knew she wanted more of both but had not gotten around to it yet.  

Fighting (11/29/15)

She felt the cold steel in her hands and smiled.  It always calmed her when she could release tension this way.  She quickly took aim and fired at the target.  The bullet hit the center.  She added a few more behind it in quick succession.  She was Special Ops in the military.  She loved her job and she was good at it.  At first, people thought differently of her because she was just that, a female.  What did a female know about shooting, military special operations, and fighting?

She was not your average female.  She was tall, 5’11.  She knew mixed martial arts like Jiu Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do, karate, Muay Thai, and Capoeira.  She had been studying and practicing since she was four years old.  She learned how to throw knives, fence, shoot, and use a crossbow.  She could even handle swords and older military weapons that you did not see very often.  She was now 29 years old and she still loved it.  She loved to be able to think ahead of her opponents and use different styles to handle them.  They never seemed to expect it since she was a female.  

New Guy (11/29/15)

I was aimlessly walking around the grocery store.  I never wanted to be there.  I had no interest in cooking and going to the store was really boring.  I decided I wanted to get some fruit so I was looking at apples when I caught a glimpse of this tall guy walking towards me.  I really did not think much of it.  I had my moments when I was extremely aware of the people around me and then other times where I really did not care because I was in my head, thinking about something or other.  I felt someone next to me and looked up to see the guy.  That’s when I realized how sexy he was.  My heart even skipped a beat which was a rarity for me.

Crazy (7/2/16)

She was having fun on the dance floor with her friends.  She had come out tonight with every intention of cutting loose.  It had been a stressful week at work and she was ready to dance all night.  The dance floor was pretty crowded but she had enough room to shake her ass.  Her light blue dress hugged her curves and hit mid-thigh.  She had gotten the dress for tonight.  She had pampered herself that day and did a little retail therapy. 

A guy caught the corner of her eye.  She briefly turned her head and noticed him sitting in a corner with a brunette in his lap.  He was the sexiest guy that she had ever seen.  He had a shaved head and he was tanned.  He had jeans and a black t-shirt on.  It was very simple.  She told her friends that she would be back.  She went up to the bar and got a beer.  She did not drink the stuff but she had a plan.  She walked over to the guy and he looked up at her.  His eyes were an intense blue.  The female looked up as well and did not look too happy that she had joined their little intimate party.  

Interesting (9/18/16)

The club was packed but it usually was.  Tonight had more women than usual but that was because it had a male review only an hour before.  The ladies stuck around while the club let everyone else in and they were already amped up from the male dancers.  That’s why he was there, checking out the women.  He was sitting on a bar stool, waiting on his cousin who was already supposed to be here but late as usual.  He was drinking and he was surrounded by women, he had no problems.

He checked his phone and saw that his cousin had backed out on him so he was riding solo tonight.  That was fine with him.  He came here often enough.  He ordered another drink and then found himself surrounded by females, some he knew, some he did not.  He was pretty sure a couple of them were strippers, not that he cared.  He did not judge since he was no saint himself.  

The Porn Star (1/2/17)

I found myself in love with a porn star.  Of course, he was not just any porn star.  He was extremely popular, had won awards, and was well known in the industry.  He has been doing porn for 10 years.  Women loved to work with him.  Hell, they loved him, period.  He was witty, intelligent, and charismatic.  He was hot.  He was tall, 6’3.  He kept his head shaved clean and he had the most beautiful blue eyes.  He was muscular and tattooed.  He had his tongue pierced.  He was into cars and motorcycles.  He is a fascinating guy, on and off paper.  He was also a mixed martial arts trainer.  He had been studying since he was 15 and he was 32 now.  And I was in fucking love with him.  Fuck my life.